Pilot uienbewaring Myanmar

Omnivent, one of the VegImpact project partners, has recently sent two onion storage systems to Myanmar.

Open dag bewaarschuur Kloppenburg

Vrijdag 15 februari organiseerden Bouwbedrijf Lont en Omnivent met diverse partners en leveranciers een open dag ter gelegenheid van de realisatie van de nieuwbouw bewaarschuur voor 2200 ton pootgoed bij Akkerbouwbedrijf Kloppenburg in Munnekezijl.

Activities of APH & Omnivent in China

Grand opening of APH Group/Omnivent Sales & Service center in Guyuan.

Prestigious Russian award for APH

APH Group to receive prestigious Russian award for their role in agriculture and food supply.

APH Group signs large contract in China, together with Miedema and Omnivent

The APH Group, together with Miedema and Omnivent, will be realizing a large project in China for Linkage Potato Co. Ltd and Farm Frites.

Remote storage automation with ACT-40 app

Quick intelligent way to control your storage facility with newest web-based application for ACT-40 automation.

Dealer Week

Interactive dealer week on storage technology organised by Omnivent from the 21st of March till the 25th of March.

Experts: "Excellent condition potatoes PJ Lee & Sons"

Following the successful installation and commissioning of Omnivent suction ventilation and OmniCuro control systems within 9 box stores (12000 tons) at the Sutton Gault Pack House facility of PJ Lee and Sons in time for the 2014 -15 storage season, the project is being heralded by the family business as an outstanding success.

OmniCuro: compares storage yield farmers

At Sima 2015, the French agricultural exhibition in Paris, Omnivent has proven once again, their latest storage management OmniCuro is ahead other storage automation systems...

Training enhances storage management

With Omnivent Storage Academy Omnivent offers storage management training. At the start of this spring, 110 Dutch farmers followed their ACT-basics course...

Cooperative development

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Maatschap De Clerck in Swifterbant is part of the OmniCuro pilot group: "We always want go the extra mile. We do research and...

Double roof for big savings on energy

The double roof is an innovative roof system that is being used more and more in the storage sector. The idea for the double roof system was born during the construction of a new Dutch storage facility for company Op 't Hof.

Area Sales Manager India

Rakesh Singh is supporting the Indian customers from Omnivent's office in Ahmedabad. As Area Sales Manager he is...

CO2-extraction: lower costs, higher quality

Customer expectations of the quality of the produce you cultivate and store are rising all the time. In response, Omnivent is constantly developing innovative storage technologies to ensure that your produce complies with all modern quality requirements...



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