Never change a winning team

‘Wat vanaf moment één erg belangrijk was bij de inrichting van de nieuwe schuur, was de flexibiliteit in het drogen en bewaren van aardappelen’

PJ Lee: One of the largest producers of chipping potatoes of the UK

Following the successful installation of Omnivent’s suction ventilation system, PJ Lee and Sons renovated their stores with the OmniCuro control system for 9 box stores (12.200 tons) ...

Portrait of a succesful entreprise in a country below sea level

The land near the area of Anna Paulowna had proven to be quite suitable for the cultivation of flower bulbs in the beginning of the 20th century, becoming recognised as the largest continuous area for the cultivation of flower bulbs in the world. However not only flower bulb growers are successful in this municipality, the perfect soil conditions help the Wilms Corporation to produce high-quality seed potatoes and onions.

About the company

We are pleased to introduce our company to you. For more than 60 years we have been an international specialist in small and large storage facilities for arable crops like potatoes, onions, carrots, and more.

Cold stores in India, success stories

The international focus of Omnivent in India.

Cooperative development

Partnership De Clerck in Swifterbant is a member of the OmniCuro pilot group: "We always want go the extra mile. We do research and acquire knowledge...

Impressive onion storage

"People ask me with a concerned look whether I'm going through a midlife crisis, but it's nothing of the sort – I just wanted a new challenge", says 55-year-old Willy Dickmann from Dronten with a laugh.

A new world

The firm Van Zanten, run by Coen, Leny and John van Zanten, has been a leading livestock farm for 42 years. "As a well-known stock-breeder, we were very successful in livestock farming."

Confidence is key

"The onion cell and the new potato storage system are both controlled by the ACT-40 now, and that's a good thing." In 2012 the firm Sturm thought they had a good batch of onions in the shed, but nothing could have been further from the truth...

CO2 extraction pays off

The soil structure around Hollands Diep is the result of tidal action. Much of the soil was originally silt, but the land also has heavy and light soil. There is a clear gradient from heavy soil to lighter soil...

Without knowledge no storage

Before Arjan Prins heard about Omnivent's storage technology, he was only familiar with the storage technology from a supplier in Emmeloord. "Omnivent offered me a better range of products at a good price."

Dutch architectural storage

In late 2008 Hegge started building a new storage shed with a suction ventilation system. After his interest was aroused by the architecture of a horse farm in the vicinity, Hegge decided to have his own shed built under the direction of an architect.