Storage Automation

Continuous development of storage management systems

Omnivent's climate computers provide precise control of ventilation units, cooling systems, valves and heating. They are the driving force behind successful storage. With the clearly organised menu structures and intuitive operation, Omnivent's instrumentation and control devices excel in functionality, clarity and ease of use.


Omnivent has the right climate computer for every project. And regardless of which system you choose, you can always count on high quality within a competitive price structure. 


With our own R&D department, we ensure that our development process is customer driven.

  • User experience is incorporated directly into system optimization

  • Omnivent responds quickly to market changes 

Clear and intuitive storage management

Launched in 2010, the ACT-40 storage computer immediately proved its worth in practice. Users are very enthusiastic about the added value and ease of use of Omnivent's innovative climate computer.

"This is really easy, I don't need a manual!" was the reaction of one new user getting acquainted with the new ACT-40. Seeing is believing. Omnivent invests in research and development, with the ACT-40 climate computer being further proof of this. The ACT-40 is unique in its field and meets the current needs of users. Immediately after installation of the ACT-40, they realise how easy it is to enter and check data on the computer. Graphic display of the cells and settings gives users a quick and complete overview of the situation within in the storage facility.

Smart storage with OmniCuro

When redesigning the storage management system, we set aside existing systems and drew on our many years of knowledge and experience, as well as the knowledge and experience of our users The result can be summarised in three words: simple, smart and yield-oriented.

Storage technology reinvented

Managing all the data and using it in the storage facility takes specific expertise. Our knowledge of arable farm products and storage management is packaged in a comprehensive automated solution for arable farmers. Omnivent, based in the town of Zeewolde, shows that many years of knowledge and experience in the market can lead to an unparalleled storage system. OmniCuro from Omnivent provides smart storage for arable farmers, based on intuitive operation, complete control and the use of location-specific variables.

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