Humidification control

Humidification control for quality and yield

Ventilation and cooling in potato storage have a drying effect and can cause dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the produce loses too much moisture to the surroundings. This happens with potatoes that are stored at a relative humidity (RH) of less than 95%.

Why is humidification control necessary?

Dehydration has many negative consequences for the crop. Humidification control for the potatoes provides a solution.

  • Humidification control limits weight loss
  • Humidification control improves produce quality (fewer pressure marks)
  • Humidification control prevents condensation and mist formation in the storage facility
  • Humidification control has a cooling effect, reducing the need for ventilation with outdoor air or mechanical cooling
  • Managing RH

Humidification control raises the RH in the storage facility. An increase from 94% to 98% RH at the same temperature reduces moisture loss from the potatoes by a factor of 3 (finding of the "Humidification control with OmniBreeze" pilot project in cooperation with LambWeston)