CO2 extraction


Customer expectations of the quality of the produce you cultivate and store are rising all the time. In response, Omnivent is constantly developing innovative storage technologies to ensure that your produce complies with all modern quality requirements. For some years now, Omnivent has been installing independent CO₂ extraction systems for CO₂ ventilation in storage facilities.


In potato storage, CO₂ ventilation is used to ensure adequate potato respiration and avoid a negative impact on frying colour. If temperatures are higher than normal for several months, CO₂ ventilation using a conventional ventilation system with all hatches open and all ventilation units running causes a large amount of warm outdoor air to enter the storage facility. This leads to inefficiency, reduced potato quality and weight loss during storage


To reduce energy costs, loss of quality and loss of weight in your produce, Omnivent has developed a system specifically for CO₂ extraction. CO₂ is heavier than air and sinks to the lowest point in the storage facility. CO₂ can be extracted selectively by placing a unit with a small fan and a number of pipes directly above the floor. As a stand-alone system, CO₂ extraction is suitable for any storage facility. There are many different ways to apply and implement CO₂ extraction; therefore it needs to be individually adapted to each situation.

The Van de Eijk farm in Numansdorp has this to say about their recently purchased CO₂ extraction system:

‘The CO₂ extraction system is clearly paying off. The potatoes are much firmer, and there is less aging. I get the impression that I don't have to run the ventilation units as much because the ventilation is better now. As a result, I also see less dehydration.


Omnivent developed the OmniRecup system for CO₂ extraction in very warm or cold climates. This system has been installed in countries such as India, Mexico and Brazil for quite a while now. The OmniRecup system sucks out the CO₂-saturated air, just like a CO₂ extraction system. But in addition to extracting the CO₂, OmniRecup ventilates the storage facility while maintaining a constant storage temperature. In hot climates this is done by passing the cold extracted cell air through a heat exchanger, where the incoming warm air is cooled by the cell air. The same thing happens in cold climates, but in the opposite direction. This way the energy input into the storage facility is reused, reducing the operating hours of the mechanical cooling system and generating considerable energy savings. The produce temperature is also more uniform, which helps to maintain quality. The ventilation units run less; therefore there is less weight loss and lower energy consumption. To learn more about OmniRecup, click here. 


Excessive CO₂ concentration in the storage facility degrades the frying quality of potatoes. The effect of this "suffocation" is particularly severe with potatoes for French fries and chips, because it increases the risk of discolouration during frying. If you are experiencing this problem, it is advisable to check the CO₂ concentration in your storage facility with a CO₂ meter. 

If you want to learn more about CO₂ extraction or would like to have the CO₂ concentration in your storage facility measured, please contact the Omnivent Customer Advisor in your region.