Training courses

Along with site visits by a knowledgeable storage specialist, Omnivent offers training courses to help you optimise the utilisation of your storage facility.
User training courses from Omnivent on the operation of your storage facility using the automated storage management system:

Omnivent Storage Academy training courses 

  • ACT-40 Basic training
  • ACT-40 Advanced
  • ACT-40 Refresher Course
  • OmniCuro Basic training
  • OmniCuro Advanced
  • OmniCuro Refresher Course
  • Store Management Training Basic
  • Store Management Advanced Training
Omnivent users who have taken a training course report that the course gave them a better understanding of storage methods and setting options, as well as leading to a real improvement in their monitoring of produce quality. That means these courses quickly pay for themselves.

As we always enjoin course participants, managing a storage facility is a demanding task that the user or owner also has to master at all times.

You are always the specialist at your location.

You can register here for the modules listed above, or you can view a specific module to see when it is scheduled and register that way. For more information, please contact our head office or your storage specialist. 

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