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Knowledge is the key to optimal results

Omnivent stands for "Storage & Knowledge"

Arable farming is a global activity, with each region having its own soil composition, climate and market. The high level of knowledge, advanced technology and extensive seed sector in the Netherlands make the country a world leader in agricultural production for crops such as potatoes. The yields per hectare in the Netherlands are the highest in the world. In addition to supplying products for storage technology, Omnivent shares its expertise in countries where the level of knowledge about the storage of arable farm products is much less advanced.

In cooperation with its knowledge partners, Omnivent always strives to enhance knowledge and to share this knowledge with the market and our customers. We do that by means of training courses, workshops, seminars, study groups and digital knowledge platforms. Our digital knowledge partner site is hosted by Agrio's Akkerwijzer

Omnivent is also available as a knowledge partner for scientific research. At present, a graduate student at Wageningen University is doing research into the modularisation of potato storage facilities. We already presented the plan for this study at the EAPR 2014 scientific convention in Brussels and at Potato Demo Day 2014. We will also share information about developments related to this study by means of scientific publications on our website. 

Some of Omnivent's knowledge partners: