Maintenance service

Maintenance and service

Careful inspection of all important parts of your system reduces the chance of problems and keeps your system in top condition. Omnivent's maintenance and service technicians inspect and adjust several important aspects of your system (with the exception of the cooling system):
  • Sensor calibration
  • Operating currents of electric motors
  • Correct operation of inlet and outlet hatches
  • Checking the system settings of your storage computer
  • Updating the logbook
  • Checking the heaters and associated control valves
  • Checking the wiring

Inspections are performed annually, and the labour cost of correcting problems is covered during the contract period. This effectively means that you extend the warranty period of your system with regard to labour costs. The software is also updated, and any replaced parts and materials are billed at a discounted price.


Benefits of a maintenance and service contract

  • Your system remains in perfect technical condition
  • Your software is always up to date
  • You can show your customers and insurance provider that you strive for quality and safety
  • Extends the warranty period with regard to labour costs
  • You receive a discount on replaced parts and materials

Practical experience shows that your maintenance costs can be cut by approximately 40%.

That is your direct benefit from an Omnivent maintenance and service contract.

Contact Omnivent for more information about how you can benefit from a maintenance and service contract.