Omnivent storage scan

The Omnivent storage scan gives you a clear overview on the performance of your storage facility in just a few hours. The performance of your current system is measured and documented, and it is assessed to determine whether the storage facility is properly equipped to maintain the quality of your produce during a storage period. The storage specialist in your region and the technician who conducted the scan discuss the resulting recommendations with you.

The OmniScan is performed by one of our technical staff, who measures and documents your storage facility for:
  • CO₂ concentration
  • Ventilation capacity
  • Humidification control (RH) in your storage facility
  • Infrared scan for cold spots and hot spots in the building structure
  • Insulation rating of your storage facility
  • Energy consumption
  • Optimal settings in your storage computer

Would you like to have an assessment of the optimal storage capacity of your facility?
Please contact Omnivent to make an appointment.