Humidification control with OmniPad

Humidification control for potatoes is already standard in the USA and Canada. Omnivent introduced this technology to the Netherlands and refined it. When the humidity of the ventilated air is kept high, the potatoes maintain their weight and produce quality remains optimal. For this purpose, Omnivent offers the OmniPad, which is deployed worldwide to ensure perfect produce quality.

There are presently no figures available for results in the Dutch market. However, it is certain that weight losses can be reduced by half.

The benefits in a nutshell:  

• Humidification control limits weight loss 
• Humidification control improves delivery quality
• Humidification control has a cooling effect

The investment pays for itself in one year 
Omnivent would be pleased to inform you of the options for humidification control of ventilated air, and to demonstrate how your investment could be recouped within one year.