Intelligent storage with OmniCuro

This innovative Omnivent storage automation product can be summarised in three words: simple, smart and yield-oriented.

Proper storage is becoming more complex by the day

Where produce storage is concerned, arable farmers are confronted with more and more data and variables that can affect the quality of their produce. Dealing effectively with outdoor and indoor temperatures, relative humidity and CO₂ concentration is not always easy. Along with these known variables, factors such as ventilation capacity, air flow, energy consumption and expected weather conditions play a considerable role in the quest for optimal yield. The quality of the stored produce is also affected by local and produce-specific aspects, such as soil type, variety and the conditions when the produce is put into storage.

Storage technology reinvented

Managing all the data and using it in the storage facility takes specific expertise. Our knowledge of arable farm products and storage management is packaged in a comprehensive automated solution for arable farmers. Omnivent, based in the town of Zeewolde, shows that many years of knowledge and experience in the market can lead to an unparalleled storage system. OmniCuro from Omnivent provides smart storage for arable farmers, based on intuitive operation, complete control and the use of location-specific variables.

OmniCuro thinks ahead

OmniCuro is operated using a high-quality touchscreen and is made from attractive materials with a quality appearance. Naturally, OmniCuro can be accessed worldwide from a tablet, smart phone or computer. OmniCuro is clear and unambiguous right from the first screen, and menu navigation is intuitive. Key data can be viewed quickly and clearly via a series of logical actions. Based on location-specific parameters, the situation and factors such as expected weather conditions, OmniCuro recommends suitable storage facility settings. If the user chooses to accept the recommended settings, they can be implemented by way of one simple action. Most of these recommendations are generated automatically by wizards and provide support for energy-aware storage, among other things.

 Storage system development. 

OmniCuro is a result of Omnivent's "Storage system development" project, which is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Commission. Additional examples of the impressive results booked by Omnivent in the field of energy consumption, noise reduction and environmental impact can be seen in the development of EC ventilation units, cooling systems and energy recovery from air streams.