Cooling units

OniFrigo cooling units

For efficient and effective cooling

The success of conditioned storage of agricultural products is primarily determined by the choice of equipment used. The power of the OmniFrigo Turnkey Cooler (TKC) lies in the high air displacement and the large distance between the lamellas, resulting in a low ΔT (<7K).

The use of an air mixing valve optimises the use of outside air for cooling in ambient conditions (temperature and relative humidity). Using outside air instead of mechanical cooling results in a significant energy saving and a maximum reduction in operating costs. 

The OmniFrigo is available in three types:

*) R407F: Sustainable refrigerant with high performance and meets new 2020 regulations


  • Turnkey solution with minimum installation costs
  • High degree of reliability thanks to the use of two independent cooling circuits
  • Efficient cooling using outside air if conditions are right
  • Minimum drying thanks to the large distance between the lamellas and large evaporation surface
  • Can be connected to all climate control computers
  • Electrical defrosting of the evaporators

For more information on these units or other cooling options, please contact Omnivent or one of our specialists.