Knowledge is the key to better results.

Omnivent stands for "Storage & Knowledge"'

Arable farming is a global activity, with each region having its own soil composition, climate and market. The high level of knowledge, advanced technology and extensive seed sector in the Netherlands make the country a world leader in agricultural production for crops such as potatoes. 

In addition to supplying products for storage technology, Omnivent shares its expertise with countries where knowledge and experience in the storage of arable farm products can be improved though our guidance and historic know-how.

Omnivent Storage Academy

Since we are constantly learning and improving the storage process and conditions within storage cells, our Omnivent Storage Academy offers training courses for all arable farmers who want to achieve the best results from their storage process. Omnivent has advanced technical resources that can demonstrate the functionality of storage technologies using simulations. There are also training courses that focus on specific topics.

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