About Omnivent


From concept to profitable investment

Omnivent is the worldwide specialist in the development, manufacture and installation of modern ventilation and climate control technologies. We are unique worldwide as a provider of specific solutions at reasonable prices and with unequalled service.

Omnivent's strength is our proven storage concepts. For everything from new build projects to renovation within existing projects, Omnivent stands for a beginning-to-end concept from the design phase all the way to the delivery of your produce.

This is our world

  • Minimal weight loss
  • Energy efficiency
  • High quality
  • Return on investment

Our focus on your produce 

  • Potatoes 
  • Onions
  • (Winter-) Carrots
  • Garlic
  • Seed- or consumption Potatoes

With headquarters in the Netherlands and branches worldwide, Omnivent maintains the quality of arable farm products around the world – in particular potatoes, onions and winter carrots – from harvesting to processing.



Omnivent supplies total storage solutions with tailored storage management systems, adapted to the specific situations of arable farmers and multinationals. With knowledge of the market and the local climatic and economic factors, Omnivent focuses on maintaining quality and yield by making sustainability, reliability and energy efficiency its basic principles.
In this way Omnivent is closely involved with your farm before, during and after the storage season. Covering all customer needs from suction systems, room ventilation or box walls or bulk storage, Omnivent is there for you as a partner with carefully conceived storage plans for ventilation, humidification control, cooling and heating. Through structural innovation from research and development, together with our continuous pursuit of improvement, this has made Omnivent a clear market leader.